Improving Patient Health Outcomes is our Passion

APIE Therapeutics is pioneering the development of a portfolio of therapeutics drugs to treat chronic and debilitating diseases associated with injury to the vascular endothelium organ.

Our Mission

To improve healthcare outcomes for patients suffering from debilitating and often fatal diseases in pulmonary, cardiovascular, renal and metabolic organs by using an approach rooted in science by a team with a proven record of technical expertise, dedication and courage

The Apelinergic Signaling Pathway

Pioneering the development of novel and cutting-edge signaling pathway for first-in-class therapeutics

APIE Therapeutics is focusing on vascular endothelium niche repair and regeneration by harnessing activation of the Apelin Receptor (APJ).


The Apelinergic System has been well studied and shown to be an endogenous anti-injury and organ-protective pathway that is activated post-vascular endothelial niche injury. The Apelin Receptor (APJ) is widely expressed in the vascular endothelial cells of various vital organs (e.g., brain, skin, heart, kidney, liver, lungs). In many chronic debilitating diseases, damage/injury to the vascular endothelium niche is the upstream hallmark of pathophysiology. Our approach is to target this upstream pathophysiology pathway to halt disease progression, repair and regenerate vascular tissue in chronic diseases.

APIE Therapeutics is developing a diverse portfolio of selective, orally active small molecule therapeutics to activate the Apelin receptorR

Exciting Opportunities

APIE Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to create value from our exclusive world-wide intellectual property (IP) rights for a large library of Apelin Receptor Agonist.

APIE Therapeutics Apelin Receptor (APJ) Agonists Discovery Platform

Our team is driven to succeed for patient's health outcomes

Our team is highly experienced and well-positioned to deliver first-in-class therapies. We have partnered with top academic researchers, practicing medical professionals and institutions to accomplish our mission.