Improving Patient Health Outcomes is our Passion

APIE Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of therapeutic drugs to turbocharge the natural repair and regeneration process in the body

Our Mission

To leverage our scientific acumen, dedication and courage to improve healthcare outcomes for patients suffering from debilitating, often fatal diseases driven by the breakdown of the body's optimal repair and healthy wound-healing processes.

Stem Cells in a Pill

Pioneering the development of novel therapeutics that turbocharge the body’s natural repair and regeneration process.

In a healthy organ system, the wound-healing process is optimized to repair tissue damage. Upon injury to vasculature, immune cells are recruited to the site of injury and fibrotic scar tissue is produced. The process concludes when resident stem cells are activated to propagate, differentiate into the appropriate cell types and complete the repair to damaged tissue. APIE’s pipeline of orally delivered drug candidates are designed to trigger resident stem cells to repair and regenerate vascular tissue damaged in chronic diseases.

Exciting Opportunities

APIE Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to create value from our exclusive world-wide intellectual property (IP) rights for a large library of Apelin Receptor Agonist.

APIE Therapeutics Apelin Receptor (APJ) Agonists Discovery Platform

Our team is driven to succeed for patient's health outcomes

Our team is highly experienced and well-positioned to deliver first-in-class therapies. We have partnered with top academic researchers, practicing medical professionals and institutions to accomplish our mission.